The family behind Little Sunshines Children's Upscale Resale

Little Sunshines: Bright Beginnings.

Little Sunshines emerged from the personal experiences of Sarah Zid, a dedicated mother of four. After relocating from the urban setting of Kitchener to the rural village of Brussels, Ontario, Sarah faced significant challenges in accessing children's clothing nearby. This gap in local services sparked the creation of Little Sunshines, a business designed to serve not only the residents of Huron County through convenient curbside pickups but also customers across Canada with direct shipping options.

Spreading Sunshine:

Little Sunshines has grown to include an array of products beyond children's clothing. Recognizing the needs of her customers, Sarah introduced maternity and nursing wear, alongside various items from other small shops. Little Sunshines stands out as a comprehensive source for mothers, babies, and children, emphasizing eco-friendliness and a commitment to reducing clothing waste, thus contributing positively to the environment.